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Master - 53 Level
Base Stats

  • STR
    Affects P.Atk. stat through the strength modifier

  • affects maximum HP and CP through the CON modifier
  • affects HP recovery speed
  • affects weight limit
  • affects underwater breath gauge
  • affects shock (stun) resistance
  • affects poison and physical bleed resistance

  • affects Atk. Spd., Critical and Speed stats through the DEX modifier
    each point of dex gained makes around a 1% difference to each of those three stats except at 43 DEX, where there is a jump of almost 2%

[*]affects both Accuracy and Evasion stats directly
  • amount gained through each point of dex varies, but as a general rule you can expect between .75 and .45 of accuracy and evasion per point of dex gained
  • the more dex you have, the less of these two stats you will gain by adding to dex

[*]affects shield block rate
  • Rumored to affect excellent shield defense rate

  • affects M.Atk. stat through the INT modifier
    INT modifier forthcoming

[*]affects curse land rates through M.Atk.

  • affects Casting Spd. stat through the WIT modifier
    each point of wit gained makes a 5% difference to Casting spd.

[*]affects chance of magic critical hits

  • affects M.Def. and maximum MP stats through the MEN modifier
    each point of men gained or lost makes a difference of 1%

[*]affects MP recovery speed
[*]affects curse resistance through M.Def.
[*]also resists any curse not resisted by the other stats directly through the MEN Modifier
[*]affects probability of magic interruption.
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